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To inquire about custom glass art, please contact Patricia at or (631) 549-2332.

stained glass

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  Patricia ShihArt

beveled glass

    Glass is an entirely unique and fascinating substance; described as a "supercooled liquid," yet not a true solid. Magical when transforming transmitted light but also captivating when illuminated from the front.

    Glass art has been treasured by civilizations for thousands of years.  Today more than ever a growing appreciation for the medium has spawned new and imaginative decorating ideas for homeowners and business people alike.  They know that glass art in their environments increases the beauty and value of their investment, adding a special creative touch.

    Patricia taught beginning and advanced stained glass for over twenty-two years, originating the glass department at the San Francisco Academy of Art. Today she brings her skills of imagining, then creating one-of-a-kind works of art in this most versatile medium, combining whatever advanced techniques are necessary to transform her and her clients' visions into exquisite reality. 

    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding transom window that you produced for us.  From the moment that we met you we were impressed by your manner, knowledge, sensitivity to our needs, and of course your great artistic and craft talent.  

    "From design to finished product you were always interested in our input and ideas.  You guided us in all aspects from color, to glass types and the design elements to be included.

    "We are so very pleased with the final product and would be happy to have any of your future prospective clients contact us or see the window.  Once again, thank you for this outstanding addition to our home."  
M. Gordon